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Antonia Sanin - The Author

Antonia is a children's book author and publisher. She is the founder of El Globo de Antonia, an educational project that teaches geography and culture to children through her 26-book Detective Equis series. 14 of those books have already been published in Spanish. Antonia is from Medellín, Colombia, but has lived her adult life in Bogotá.  Her and her family lived in Tokyo, Japan from 2011-2022, but are now back in Bogotá. 

It all started in 2007...

Antonia founded El Globo de Antonia in 2007. That same year, she became a finalist to the Cartier Women's Initiative Awards and was invited to France with the other 14 finalists to present her project to the jury, and was chosen as the laureate for Latin America. Antonia and her team delivered geography and culture workshops for children until 2011 when she moved to Tokyo. From Tokyo, Antonia has focused on publishing her books. In 2020, she launched her first online adventure/course about Paris. Find more details under our Workshops section!


Main Character

Detective Equis is a fun and adventurous squirrel that travels the world solving mysteries. He never leaves home without his hat and backpack. He's lucky to have hot-air-balloon Globe as his friend and work companion... Globe can take his anywhere in the world, effortlessly! 


Globe - Faithful companion

Globe is Detective Equis' faithful friend and colleague. He's a little bit lazy and has to be convinced to travel, but Equis knows exactly how to do this. Globe needs Equis to sing him a song before lifting off.




Colombian. Lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Illustrator of Detective Equis in London (2014)



Catalina Bernal

Catalina has been closely involved in all aspects of El Globo de Antonia since its beginnings. She's a passionate educator who has lived in several continents and traveled halfway around the world, always happy to discover new magical places and the people that make them unique. She transmits wonderful energy to her students and gets them as interested in​ the world as she is

Text Editing


Gabriela de la Parra And Catalina Bernal

Gabriela and Catalina make the perfect text editing team for the Detective Equis series. Gabriela is a writing style expert and meticulous in her editing corrections. Catalina, also our leading teacher, knows the stories inside out and has an amazing feel for the best ways to transmit the intended messages to children. Their team-work allows for revisions that encompass the whole spectrum of the text editing process. 



Luisa Uribe

Apart from being the illustrator of Detective Equis in Germany, we are forever grateful to be able to count on Luisa's artistic viewpoint and incredible talent for special design-related projects. Her impeccable work and lovable personality make her a very special member of the Detective Equis family.

Video Edit


Andy Smelser

Andy Smelser is a freelance video editor who has brought life to many projects in the Tokyo area. A US Navy Veteran formerly stationed in Yokosuka, he began his journey creating videos back in 2006 in his hometown of Celina, Ohio. He is currently studying abroad at Lakeland University Japan and is set to graduate in August 2020.

Learn More About Us

Videos and Press releases

Interviewed conducted by "Ratón de Biblioteca" (2020)

Spanish only. Starts on minute 1:14.

Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards video (2011)

In 2011, the Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards team sent a representative to several countries around the world to make a video about the projects of some of previous year’s Award laureates. This is the video about El Globo de Antonia’s (The Globe’s) workshops and books. Please note that there are a couple of inconsistencies in the translation from Spanish to English of some of the provided texts or subtitles, such as having the word “funny” instead of “fun,” the word “servants” instead of “domestic help,” and the word “storyteller” instead of  “accountant”.  

The Globe's workshops on TV (2010)

Spanish only. RCN's "Muy Buenos Días" program (Colombia).

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